lunes, 26 de mayo de 2008

Breakfast and Beyond in Madrid

Meals in Spain are known largely worldwide as never-ending lunches or tours of tapas. But breakfast, that most important meal of the day, shouldn’t be overlooked, especially in the capital. Sara Cucala has penned the definitive guide to Spanish breakfasts in Madrid, ‘Desayunos en Madrid: Del Churro a Brunch’ with more than 500 cafés, bars and restaurants all over the city. Drawing from 10 years in Madrid, six of those as a food writer for El Mundo newspaper, Cucala scoured the city to find the best places to start the day. From classic breakfasts of churros (fried sweet dough), melted chocolate or coffee in smoke-filled bars, regional specialties from Andalusia to the Basque Country that have made their way to Madrid to international spots and the latest, trendiest locales for brunch, ‘Desayunos en Madrid’ covers the history, atmosphere and menu of each location. There’s even an entire section on breakfasts with chocolate. The chapter introductions explain the origins of each dish and inside each section are selected recipes. It’s an exhaustive, easy-to-read guide with gorgeously shot photos of mouthwatering treats. You’ll never want to skip breakfast again.

Date: 5/23/08
Source: Libros RBA (35 euros)
Spain Gourmetour

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